To The Observable From The Room

from by Randall Kirk Jones

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I've always been reliant on my friends
they pull me out from viewing my life through this lens
that's too clouded, cracked, and self consumed
in demystifying universal truths
that only leaves me trapped in a view that insists
that the only truth is the glib glance of a pessimist

But I used to be so intrigued as a child
felt a wider range of emotions
and my brain wasn't compiled of
the horror stories of history from lives that came before and the
nature of my surroundings I'd yet to explore
because as I've grown the universe sure has grown up to
expanding with my bones to the observable from the room

and I can't keep staring at my phone
it gives me no time to process surroundings
I'm just avoiding being alone
cause I'll end up staring instead at some abyss
though maybe that is something I have to face
instead of continuing to dismiss
the far more captivating world
that lives outside of my immediate grip

but to their credit and one of my life's greatest gifts
the neighborhood I moved to outside were two kids
who since have become friends for what I know will be lifelong
and we've spent more time together than with anyone else
and how rare to form such a strong connection so early on
and though we're all in different states now
I know we're even more drawn to the days we had
of ringing doorbells and playing on lawns

but 'til I was nine my brother and I'd cling to only each other
and that'd be all that we need
just hours of him playing games and me sitting beside him watching
and I've always found it quite unique
our minimal arguing
but now you sleep the days away that I am awake
and I never get to see you on any normal calendar day
but its not just our schedules that are pulling us away
you've been receding from life at a glacial pace
finding dreams much more suiting than any reality to face.

And I have very little idea where you will end up
I spent all my grade school mornings being the one to wake you up
for a world and you seem so disinterested by its fronts
and only aiming for the simple pleasures to be enough
but I see now you're dissatisfied
and I know this must be tough
I've watched you let your heart of gold
sit outside collecting rust
because you're one of the purest people this world has ever met
but it's hard to say I even know you
or name one of your interests
both our values on introversion border selfishness
but I still know that there is a great deal
behind how much you're letting us in


from Archaic Memories And Past Lives, released May 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Randall Kirk Jones Denton, Texas

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