I'm Pulling You Out Of Your Ashes​(​Act I, Digging P2, Act II)

from by Randall Kirk Jones

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Act I

Your hope moves like the hair on your head
thinner so you're thinking of shaving it off
there's no answer of the time you've got left
just let the cancer do the rest
and when it won I went to your house
but I was only 10
and didn't get to know you the way you deserved, Uncle Kevin
but I loved the way you had wanted it then,
your favorite food and family with no funeral for damning
cause there's no worse way to celebrate a life
than the way we throw up grey skies and wear black and white

we all hung on and held our breath
until your final one came
and went

My aunt and her longtime boyfriend Greg
they'd been together several years now
on the surface seeming great
but as they were well into their middle age
they finally decided to get engaged.
but awhile before the wedding date
her now fiance was facing an unbearable weight
and just last year she was sleeping in bed
when a gunshot broke the window of their high rise apartment
and she crept around until she got to his office
and found him with all of the hurt that he has caused her
cause there's no worse way to work through your problems
then to think that removing yourself will solve them

and this is for the loss of Greg
you were only fifty three and no problems that big
that you couldn't have found another way out
I know you were losing your business
but you permanently damaged the person that you lived with

Digging II

And though you were both cremated
I know I'm digging some things up
from a painful place that people prefer best we leave untouched
but I'm just being honest with what I know
and I want my family to live on in a format that cannot decompose
I wont let you decompose

Act II

Even with its share of negativity
I won't let that become our family history
so I'm pulling you out of your ashes
up from your graves
and the truth will be plastered for all to see
as a document of true humanity
full of the highs and lows that define a family

and though sometimes it feels like its tearing at the seams
I wont let that become the perspective that we see
how easily we forget these subtle memories
to replace them with whatever is most damaging
so I'm shedding my past lives
dropping all the dead weight
because the self is the only one left to blame for negative traits


from Archaic Memories And Past Lives, released May 3, 2016



all rights reserved


Randall Kirk Jones Denton, Texas

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